Transport & Logistics

In our daily lives, most of us hardly give the barcode a second thought. We may interact with it when we’re shopping and even then, it is merely the “bunch of lines and spaces” that helps us process the transaction and buy an item. Most think that the purpose of this black and white mark is, well, black and white.

The barcode also has a profound impact on how food and other items are transported worldwide, beyond how the items are purchased in store.

Of course, the logistical journey starts in the warehouse. By using barcode-enabled technology such as handheld and wearable scanners, warehouse staff can pick, pack, locate, maneuver, store and ship items more efficiently and effectively. It’s not just about the hardware, though. Software is crucial to make warehouse management more agile. What is needed is a solution that complements the hardware to ensure all collected data is actioned properly.

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